The book Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art (Intellect, 2019) launches a program of talks, texts and exhibitions throughout 2019. This will discuss, disseminate and show how contemporary (Nordic) art changes with digital culture and technology. Program activities in New York City will explore a core theme of the book: Art’s New Natures. This announces how, rather than a romanticized idea, contemporary artists return to nature as an experimental and living laboratory, engaging methods across a broadened and interdisciplinary artistic landscape. Influenced by environmental aesthetics of biological organisms in combination with technology, artists employ scientific, ethnographic, sociological and other world excavating methods to extract new imaginaries and presentations of nature. They combine scientific technologies with social networking and political actionism to remodel ‘natural’ environments.

Art’s New Natures questions how, in these and more ways, art invokes closer connections with nature’s global ecosystems, deeper human relationships with the environment, living matter, planetary phenomena, and with the Anthropocene itself.

The program is developed in collaboration with Streaming Museum.

About The Performance By Lundahl & Seitl

Programmed to exist globally until 2057, the Cloud travels across national borders, large cities, remote villages, islands, mountains, and across the sea. Immersed in a connective experience in the cloud, audiences will explore participation, trust, and compassion – the cornerstones of an engaged and humane society. Unknown Cloud On Its Way To… is a participatory performance. Central to the work is the audience-participants’ own being in time and their ability to create relations with the lifeworlds of others. Synchronized via Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and a downloadable APP to participants’ own smartphones, the Unknown Cloud creates an unusual situation of a global ritual that connects us to our own and other bodies, far and near. The work is featured in the book Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art (Intellect, 2019).

To participate, download the free app: Unknown Cloud Caretaker.

This uses a tool called Nagoon consisting of a three-dimensional soundscape. It is connected to existing environments on location and follows the movements of the planets in real-time. At simultaneous events, the immersive experience will be shared between audience-participants in New York City and in various locations in the Nordic region.


About Tanya Toft Ag



Digital Dynamics Cover, Jana Winderen (2014), Krísuvik, Iceland. Photo by Finnbogi Pétursson

SAT—February 23—1:30 PM, free

1:30 PM: Welcome and artist introduction
2 PM: Participatory performance, Unknown Cloud On Its Way To…
3 PM: Book talk by Tanya Toft Ag