U.N. agencies, governments, academia, and civil society have increasingly in recent years stressed the need to fight obstacles for gender equality in education and work life. This seminar addresses the range of different challenges and obstacles that still remain in the Nordic countries for gender equality within education and work life.

The main focus will be on the fact that choices of young people are still very gender divided at all levels of education. Experts in the field of social and educational research will discuss challenges and possible measures to influence changes in gender-segregated work life and education.


Panelists include:
Opening remarks by Mr. Dagfinn Høybråten
Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers
Ms. Helga Aune
Postdoctoral research fellow, Ph.D – Department of Public and International Law, University of Oslo, Norway
Ms. Nanna Højlund
Vice President of Women’s Council in Denmark and Union official in Trade and Labour, Denmark
Ms. Berglind Rós Magnúsdóttir
Lecturer / Assisant Professor, School of Education, University of Iceland, Iceland
Ms. Miriam Nordfors
Political Adviser, Sweden

Ms. Sara Sundell
Gender Equality Adviser, Folkhälsan (Social and Health Care Organisation), Finland
Moderator: Ms. Rósa Guðrún Erlingsdóttir
Special Adviser, Department of Social and Labour Market Affairs, Ministry of Welfare, Iceland
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The Expert Seminar has been arranged by the Nordic Council of Ministers.



Photo by the American-Scandinavian Foundation

THU – 3-13-15 – 3:00 pm