Emma Lamm Zorn was one of Sweden’s most energetic promoters of social equality and regional identity in her adopted province of Dalarna. The wife of Anders Zorn, she played an instrumental role in establishing Sweden’s first regional open-air museum, an orphanage, a community college dedicated to handicrafts, and in assembling an impressive collection of textiles, silver, and folk and fine art.

While Anders spent extended periods away from his home town of Mora and died in 1920, Emma was busy at work administering, instigating, and organizing until her death in 1942. While the marriage of a peasant’s illegitimate artist-son to the daughter of a prosperous Stockholm merchant was an unusual alliance at the time, both spouses profited from the singular opportunities it presented

About Michelle Facos

Michelle Facos is Professor of the History of Art at Indiana University, Bloomington. She is an internationally-recognized expert on Swedish painting and has taught Scandinavian art at Växjö University and Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University in Greifswald, Germany.

A contributor to the Luminous Modernism catalogue, her book Nationalism and the Nordic Imagination: Swedish Art of the 1890s (1998) investigates Swedish nature, nationalism, and art in the years around 1900, and her books Symbolist Art in Context (2009) and An Introduction to Nineteenth-Century Art (2011) incorporate Scandinavian art into mainstream European movements.



Photo by the American-Scandinavian Foundation

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