A former international Swedish pop star, Jenny Rogneby was a criminal investigator for the Stockholm City Police Department for several years. Investigating thefts, robberies and murder, Rogneby used her real-life experience to craft the bone-chilling, best-selling Scandinavian thriller: Leona: The Die is Cast (Other Press, August 2017), a gripping novel about one


woman’s choice to eschew her dark past through any means possible. The first in a three-part series, Leona is a psychological exploration into vice, trauma, and police corruption.

Following the discussion, copies of the book will be available for purchase and signing.

About Jenny Rogneby

Jenny Rogneby studied criminology, sociology, law, and psychology at Stockholm University, where she later became a criminologist. She worked professionally as a criminal investigator in the Stockholm City Police Department for seven years, investigating everything from thefts to murders. Her work inspired her to start writing

and she formed the character of Leona, a criminal investigator with a dark past who challenges social norms. In Sweden, Jenny is also known for her former career as a pop singer. She currently lives in Malta and Barcelona. For more information, visit jennyrogneby.com.



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