TUE—July 9—12 PM, free
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Join us July 9 with a virtual discussion with Helen Russell to celebrate the launch of The Danish Secret to Happy Kids! She’ll join us for a talk and Q&A on her deeply-researched guide to the Danish way of parenting, out today from Source Books.

What do Vikings know about raising children? Turns out, quite a bit. After a decade of living and raising her family in Denmark, Helen Russell noticed important differences in Danish kids. They eat differently, learn differently, and even sleep differently. They’re out in nature for hours a day, though it’s dark October through March. And then they grow up to be some of the happiest adults on the planet. So her question was: how?

The Danish Secret to Happy Kids shares what Russell has learned first-hand and through talking to Nordic psychologists, sociologists and teachers about rearing well-balanced children. In doing so, she dives into the parenting culture of Denmark and other Nordic nations, from parental leave to school structure to screen time. Combining intellectual curiosity and research with observation, this is a positive, thought-provoking parenting book for readers curious about cultural differences.

“A foolproof roadmap to raising kids the Viking way.” —Linda Åkeson McGurk (author, There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather and The Open-Air Life)

“Readers looking for an alternative to helicopter parenting will want to check this out”—Publishers Weekly


Helen Russell is an author, journalist, and speaker who explores cultural approaches to emotions. She lives in Denmark.

Photo by Simon Meyer