Considered one of the great operatic voices of her time, Norwegian soprano Kirsten Flagstad’s (1895-1962) position in music and opera history is irrefutable. She sang with elegance and flexibility, giving her the much deserved title of “The Voice of the Century” for her magnificent portrayals of Wagnerian heroines.

In addition to singing other significant soprano roles, Flagstad was also an important cultural ambassador for her home country, interpreting Norwegian songs and lieder for a wider audience.

New York opera audiences witnessed the birth of a star 80 years ago with her spectacular debut on the Metropolitan Opera stage, a performance that still resonates with opera fans.

Annika Emilia Åsen, Director of the Kirsten Flagstad Museum, takes audiences on a journey that spans Flagstad’s small house in Hamar to some of the world’s greatest opera stages.

About The Kirsten Flagstad Museum

The Kirsten Flagstad Museum is located in Hamar, Norway, inside of the home where the famous soprano was born in 1895. It contains the largest collection of Flagstad memorabilia, costumes, recordings, paintings, and ephemera in the world, as well as an extensive library of archived news and reviews.

During select times of year, the Museum is open to visitors from around the world, who come to learn more about one of Norway’s greatest opera singers. Additionally, the Museum holds other events in partnership with the international opera community, including annual contests, lectures, concerts, and local events.



Photo by the American-Scandinavian Foundation

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