Written by Sofia Fredén (Sweden, 2005) and translated by Edward Buffalo Bromberg (USA, 2007). Swedish deputy prime minister, Eva, has a lot of her ex-husband Hans’ old belongings that she doesn’t want anything to do with: bills, clothes, a tennis racket, and a baby. She gives them back, but he has a new life with a younger woman who doesn’t want any of it, including the baby. Hans leaves the baby in a bar where a lesbian couple finds it.

One of them happens to be Eva’s daughter and from there the story takes audiences on a roller coaster ride that climaxes with the entire entourage in Africa looking for their missing baby. White Baby is a funny and dark social satire about modern-day parenting and a critique of the complacency of Scandinavian living in comparison to the struggles of third world countries.

White Baby is presented in arrangement with Colombine Teaterforläg, Stockholm

About the playwright

Sofia Fredén (1968) was born in Göteborg, Sweden. She studied writing for film and theater at Dramatiska Institutet, graduating in 1995. Since graduation, she has written prolifically for the theatre and also for film and radio. Her plays have been produced in most of the city and regional theaters in Sweden, as well as the Royal Dramatic Theater.

In 2005, Sofia received the critics prize for Children and Youth Theater-for three plays that played simultaneously at three different theaters: Bara Barnet  (Only a Child); Ruttet – ett prinsessliv (Rotten: The Life of a Princess); and Solapan (The Sun Monkey). Several of Sofia’s plays have been translated into other languages; French, German, and English. Sofia is playwright-in-residence at Stockholm Stadsteater.

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