The Scandinavian American Theater Company (SATC) introduces a new generation of Nordic playwrights in a series of staged readings representing Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Founded in 2009 by a group of New York-based Scandinavian theater professionals, SATC, the first-ever Scandinavian-American theater company in New York, presents high-quality, cutting-edge productions of contemporary Nordic plays and fresh interpretations of Scandinavian classics, and fosters the Scandinavian-American performing arts community in New York.


Written by Richard Hobert (Sweden, 2010), translated by Susanna Stevens, & directed by Christoffer Berdal (Denmark). Set in a landscape of extreme modern environments, Desire is a story about a growing power struggle between four successful people in the

multinational business world. Outer perfection is in rough contrast to the forces and emotions that threaten to rip these four apart. Desire is a psychological chamber play that explores what power does to people. Who wins, who gets abandoned, and who will disappoint or be disappointed?

About the playwright:

Richard Hobert (b. 1951, Kalmar, Sweden) is one of Sweden’s most celebrated film directors, and writers for film, television, and theater. He studied political science, languages, and film/theater at the University of Lund in Sweden and debuted as a radio playwright in 1974.

In 1995 Hobert was awarded the Ingmar Bergman Prize for his work. His previous work includes internationally acclaimed films including Spring of Joy/Glädjekällan (1993), Run for Your Life/Spring för livet (1997), The Eye/Ögat (1998), Everyone Loves Alice/Alla älskar Alice (2002), and Harry’s Daughters/Harrys döttrar (2005).



Photo by Tuukka Ervasti Millesgården

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Mondays, 7:30 pm pre-reception/8 pm reading