Written by Hlín Agnarsdóttir (Iceland, 2010) and translated by Ylva Hellerud (Sweden). Vala returns to Iceland from New York to receive an “Optimism Award” for her art installation: “One World, One Soul”. She finds her mother’s house, her childhood home, occupied by her two unemployed brothers, Bo and Dan, and Dan’s Estonian girlfriend, Elena.

It turns out that the brothers are not the only ones living off the goodwill of the mother-Bo’s daughter, Sara, is hiding refugees in the basement.  The family’s crises merge with both the Icelandic economic crisis and the international refugee crisis on many levels. But with a clever allusion to the New Testament’s nativity story, this tale may have a happy ending…

About the playwright

Hlín Agnarsdóttir (1953) was born and raised in Reykjavík and studied theatre and drama at the Universities of Uppsala and Stockholm. She later studied directing in London and received an M.A. degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Iceland.

Though she works mainly as a director in the theatre, she has written several plays both for the stage, TV, and radio, and is also the author of three books, including the autobiographical Let the Life Come True, which was nominated for the Icelandic Literary Prize in 2003. Agnarsdóttir is now in charge of the Drama Department of The Icelandic Film School and is working on her fourth book to be published in 2016.

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The SATContemporary Reading Series consists of five staged readings that take place throughout the year,

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Image courtesy of Hlín Agnarsdóttir

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