Karma for Birds is a startling, beautiful, humorous, and polemic first play by Karí Ósk Grétudóttir and Kristín Eiríksdóttir about the consequences of violence, injustice, and beauty. Perhaps, Elsa is a seventeen-year-old girl on sale, perhaps she is a middle-aged prostitute or a homeless old woman, or maybe she is a 130-year-old Buddhist nun.

Perhaps Karma for Birds—the invisible repression of women— is happening right here and now. Performed at the Iceland National Theatre in 2013, Karma for Birds was nominated for the Gríman, Iceland’s theater award for best play of the year.

About the playwrights

Kari Ósk Grétudóttir is an artist who graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from The Iceland Academy of Arts in 2007. Karma for Birds is Grétudóttir’s first play. Since graduation, she has participated in group art exhibitions, studied art history, and taught art.

Kristín Eiríksdóttir was born in Reykjavík, Iceland. She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2005.  She has written and published numerous collections of poetry and short stories as well as a novel, HvítfeldA Family Story.  Eiríksdóttir has written two plays: Karma For Birds, which premiered in February 2013 in the National Theatre of Iceland, and Crawl!, which premiered in April 2013 at the Reykjavik City Theatre. Her stories and poems have been translated into Danish, German, and English.

About SATContemporary Reading Series

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