Esteemed Finnish Sámi joik singer Ulla Pirttijärvi-Länsman and her

ensemble Ulda present a concert of Sámi joik music, expressing the rich traditions of Sámi culture through contemporary folk music.

About Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda

Ulla Pirttijärvi-Länsman is a Sámi joik singer from Angeli, Finland. She began her career with the musical group Angelin Tytöt, but left soon after to pursue a solo career. She now performs contemporary arrangements of traditional joik music with the ensemble Ulda.

Founded by Pirttijärvi-Länsman in 2009, Ulda is devoted to expressing themes of Sámi culture and the north.

The ensemble has traveled extensively in the Nordic countries, continental Europe, and Russia and currently features Ari Isotalo, drums and percussion; Marko Jouste, strings, vocals, and percussion; Ulla Pirttijärvi-Länsman, vocals, percussion; and Mikko Vanhasalo, wind-instruments, vocals, and percussion.

In 2012 the trio released their first album, Ulda, to critical acclaim. Ulda’s newest album Roijk will be released spring 2015.



Courtesy of ensemble mise-en

SAT – 5-9-2015 – 7:00 PM
$15 ($10 ASF Members)