Set in the midst of the Second Schleswig War, 1864 is a tale of love, war, and politics. A breathtaking historical epic, the film’s central story—of two young brothers in love with the same woman, Inge—unfolds alongside flashes forward to the modern day, as Inge’s war-time diary is read aloud to her aged grandson. As the diary moves from the idylls of Jutlandic-village life to the red fields of the bloodiest battle in Danish history, the film chronicles the lives of these two volunteer soldiers, their ill-fated comrades in arms, and the villainous Danish politicians pulling strings behind the scenes.

This week on 1864, Danish political forces toy with incorporating Schleswig into the kingdom. Meanwhile, two young brothers—Peter and Laust—on a modest estate in Funen become enamored with the estate manager’s daughter, Inge.



Image courtesy of Miso Film

WED—9-28-2016 THROUGH FRI—10-21-2016
Series pass $36 ($21 ASF Members)
$12 ($7 ASF Members)
120 min. | In Danish with English subtitles