2015 marks the centennial of Ingrid Bergman’s birth (1915-1982). One of Scandinavia’s most beloved actresses and one of the most celebrated figures in cinematic history, Bergman’s name is synonymous with Hollywood’s lamented Golden Age and iconic classics like Casablanca (1942) and Notorious (1946).

Comprised of three films, this mini-series focuses on the brief, but fruitful period that produced several classic films in Bergman’s native Sweden that capture her radiant screen presence prior to arriving in Hollywood.


Directed by Gustaf Molander (Sweden, 1935). Rolf (Gösta Ekman), a brilliant scientist and long-time widower, is the patriarch of the aristocratic Swedenhielm family and lives with his three adult children – Bo (Håkan Westergren), Rolf Jr. (Björn Berglund), and Julia (Tutta Rolf) – and Marta Boman (Karin Swanström), his irritable but devoted housemaid who keeps the family running, including carrying out financial transactions.

Thanks in part to their extravagant, patrician lifestyle the Swedenhielms are headed for bankruptcy and the family’s hope of fiscal salvation rests on Rolf winning the Nobel Prize. But a visit from the financier Nils Ericsson (Sigurd Wallén) overshadows any celebrations as he reveals that Rolf’s signature has been forged: someone is borrowing money without his knowledge and one of his sons is suspected of the crime.
92 min. | In Swedish with English subtitles.




WED – 9-30-2015 and FRI – 10-2-2015
$10 ($7 ASF Members)