Nordic Noir returns to Scandinavia House this summer with Norskov—a new Danish crime drama about a good cop and his hometown in Northern Denmark.

Martin reveals his secret to Oliver. Getting a month to investigate, Tom and his team choose to go after the cocaine kingpin. Martin is a success and the town attends the groundbreaking. Meanwhile, Tom sees something he wishes he hadn’t.

Episodes 9 & 10

The coke is on its way and Tom is waiting for the right time to strike. Martin finally launches the wave energy facility, and Jackie has to decide where to stand. Oliver’s suspicion is increasing, and decides to tell Tom of his discoveries.

Martin must resign as mayor, but at home things are better. Jackie is back, and Oliver has agreed to move in. But a dark secret comes to light, which leaves Oliver devastated.



Image courtesy of DR Sales

WED—6-28-2017 THROUGH THU—7-27-2017
$12 ($7 ASF Members)
Series pass $40 ($28 ASF Members)
Each episode is 42 min. | In Danish with English subtitles