The Virgin, based on true events  is set in the spring of 1949, where the young Ingrian woman Elina has been recently been deported to Estonia. To prevent being deported yet again to Siberia under the suspicious Stalin regime, she enters into a fictitious marriage with Heino, the nephew of her kindly employer. But when malicious gossip reaches the authorities, the couple is called in for a brutal interrogation. Set in the present day, The Shadow follows the driftless and emotionally disconnected Luna Lee, who flees from home only to have a series of unusual encounters with eccentrics and a mysterious priest who promises her a contract with God.


The Manslayer/The Virgin/The Shadow has won awards including the top cinematography prize at the Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn.


“Director Sulev Keedus paints three powerful portraits of powerless women at different points in Estonia’s stormy history…this visually ravishing epic is a stellar showcase for rising Baltic screen star Rea Lest”—The Hollywood Reporter

About the Director

Game director, documentary director, screenwriter, operator and photographer Sulev Keedus was born on July 21, 1957 in Tallinn. His father Ülo Keedus’s hobbies were hobby films and gliders. He studied at 37th Tallinn Secondary School, and graduated in 1979 from Keedus Ed. Vilde Tallinn Pedagogical Institute as an exemplary leader and in 1989 from Moscow Higher Courses for Directors and Scriptors as director of feature films. His graduation thesis The Only Sunday (1990) was completed on the basis of Veiko Jürisson’s original scenario. He worked as an assistant director and operator in 1977-1982 in Estonian Telefil, and for several years as a head of a photo laboratory at the clinic of Doctor Arnold Seppo. He is a shareholder of the film studio F-Seitse OÜ.

The Estonian Association of Film Journalists nominated Keedus’ films In Paradisum, Georgica, Somnambuul, Jonathan from Australia and Varesesaare Russians for the best of the year. His film productions, especially Georgica (1998), have been successful at international festivals.

In 1999, Sulev Keedus received the National Cultural Prize of the Republic of Estonia and the 5th Class Order of the White Star of 2005. For Georgica, Somnambuul and Varesesaare Russians he was awarded the annual prize of the Estonian Cultural Endowment. On two occasions, Keedus has been awarded the Estonian Cultural Endowment’s creative scholarship Life and Shine (2000, 2008). In 2018, he was awarded the Director of the Cultural Endowment of the Estonian Cultural Endowment for the year for the feature film Mehetapja / Süütu / Vari and the documentary War.

New Nordic Cinema 2019

This spring, in coordination with our ongoing exhibition Nordic Impressions: Contemporary Art from Åland, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, catch some of the best new films showcasing the diversity and global character of Nordic cinema. All films screen Wednesdays at 7 PM and Fridays at 6:30 PM.

Wonderland /Joulumaa

Mihkel /Undir Halastjörnu

The Quake /Skjelvet

The 12th Man /Den 12. mann

A Fortunate Man /Lykke Per


*Films may be added; check website for additional screenings.

April 4, 2019

April 4, 2019

Image courtesy of Sulev Keedus

THU—April 4—7:30 PM
$12 ($7 ASF Members)
Double Feature $15 ($10 ASF Members)
141 min. In Estonian with English subtitles