Ravn, a respected physician, is desperately seeking a cure for his dying wife, Vilma. When the hospital stops her further treatment, Ravn fakes Vilma’s suicide and continues working in secret. He is aided by the corrupt civil defense man Leif, a doomsday prepper and former patient of his. Deep underground, Ravn and Leif open an illegal clinic for treating off-the-grid patients. The clinic finances Ravn’s research into a cure for Vilma, while Leif increases his position among the criminal and the paranoid who live outside the welfare state. As Ravn has to cross more and more ethical lines, he frequently clashes with Leif, but clings to the hope of bringing his beloved Vilma back. Will love prevail? Or will Leif’s fantasy of societal collapse become a reality?

Valkyrien is a  unique, high-concept Nordic noir.

Episodes 7 & 8

Vilma is back from the dead, and Ravn has a lot of explaining to do. Family, friends, and the media are not buying the story he’s telling. Grethe and the hospital recognize in Vilma a medical phenomenon, and propose a risky solution. With Unn back at the hospital, and Teo in prison, Leif is alone in an empty clinic.

Oslo is in crisis after several days without power. Leif secretly rejoices over his actions, but still doesn’t get the affirmation he’s always dreamed of. Vilma is desperate to understand her own miracle, and Ravn’s love for her is tested to the limit. When an emergency generator at the hospital breaks down, Ravn and Unn have only one course of action left.



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WED—9-13-2017 THROUGH FRI—10-6-2017
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Each episode is 45 min. | In Norwegian with English subtitles